Company Overview:
Miss Guinee North America was created over a decade ago under the leadership of its founder and President Hawa Barry -Diallo a former supermodel from Guinea .The pageant was created to help young Guinean women in the U.S pursue their educational dreams, achieve personal growth, rediscover and take pride in their Guinean heritage, as well as help them lay a strong foundation as future leaders of the world.
Our Goal is to bring educational opportunities to as many Guineans as possible here in North America as well as in Guinea!!
The Miss Guinea North America Pageant has been developing, mentoring, and instilling leadership initiatives in young girls since 2009. The Pageant promotes national and International leadership skills among young Guinean women. The competition provides scholarship opportunities that allow state delegates to pursue and achieve their educational, professional, and personal goals in the U.S and Canada. The pageant also promotes cultural diversity and exchange between the U.S and the Rep. of Guinea.

Goal: The Miss Guinea North America Scholarship Pageant celebrates scholastic achievement in all disciplines, and believes that education is the key to lifelong success. The Miss Guinea North America Organization wants to ensure that all delegates as well as the title winners will receive scholarships that will advance their educational opportunities in North America.    A big thank you to the Guinean Women Development Foundation for supporting our Scholarship Program!