Queen Mother of Africa

The Queen Mother of Africa cultural pageant is an annual event that celebrates the rich cultural heritage and diversity of Africa. The event features contestants from across the African continent, who compete in various categories including traditional attire, talent, and knowledge of African history and culture.

The pageant is designed to showcase the beauty, intelligence, grace and talent of our African women, and to promote African culture and values. It also aims to provide a platform for gracious African women to showcase their leadership potential and to become ambassadors for their communities and countries. The pageant week activities culminate in a grand finale event, where the winner is crowned the Queen Mother of Africa.

The Queen Mother of Africa serves as a cultural ambassador, promoting African culture and values around the world. She also works on various community development projects, using her platform to address social and economic issues affecting African communities.

The Queen Mother of Africa cultural pageant is a unique celebration of African culture and values, providing a platform for young African women to showcase their talents and leadership potential. It is a truly inspiring event that highlights the beauty and diversity of the African continent.