To all my African Queens,

In just one day I went from being a regular girl to being Miss Guinee North America 2010. Through my learning experience and the whole process that crowned me as the new Miss Guinee NA, I’ve quickly learned how much one person can impact the world around him/her.

The honor to wear the crown as Miss Guinee North America 2010 is something that will impact my life forever. during my reign, I plan to impact others and help create opportunities for them as the Miss Guinee NA organization has done for me. It is important that we look towards our future and never forget the experiences that have shaped our past. Our most vital roles on this earth are to achieve success and with that success give back to our community,our family, friends and to the world. I feel extremely blessed and would like to thank everyone who supported me. The almighty God, my mother, everyone in my family, my friends, my facebook fans, and all the contestants of Miss Guinee North America 2010. We had a great time, started lifelong friendships and I know this is just the beginning for all of us. As the new reigning Miss Guinee NA, Iam determined to speak against domestic violence and help women in anyway that I can. I hope this year brings many blessings and opportunities to us all and also, I intend to make good use of the time and make my country proud.

Remember, it’s beauty that captures your attention; personality wich captures your heart.

love Always,

Fatima Bokoum

Reigning Miss Guinee North America 2010